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SCPlanner Discord bot

SCPlanner Discord bot is a Discord bot designed to make reposts easier and faster by using Discord.


!repost <track-link> : autoschedule a track and replies with the calendar link.


  1. Clone this repo.
  2. Configure config.ini.example to your needs, then rename it to config.ini.
  3. Run pip install -r requirements.txt.
  4. Run python


  • cookie_name : This is the session cookie name. Do not change it to anything else than ci_session at the moment.
  • cookie_value : Your session cookie value. Log in on SCPlanner with your repost account and open up your browser developer view, then grab the ci_session cookie value.
  • bot_token : Get yours on Discord developers portal.
  • reposters_role : Only members of this role on your server will be able to use the !repost command.
  • use_all_accounts : If set to no (default), the bot will use account preferences to schedule your repost. If set to yes, the bot will use all subs to schedule the repost.

Invite on your server

  1. Go to your app details on Discord developers portal.
  2. Hit the Generate OAuth2 URL button. Generate OAuth2 URL
  3. Copy the link with the default settings. Copy
  4. Paste it in your browser, then proceed to add the bot on your server.